Your Name / Millennium Actress12A

Kicking off our AniMAYtion Weekender, we will be showing two films that explore the themes of destiny and identity with two fantastic Japanese anime’s from the 21st century.

5.30pm YOUR NAME
Dir. Makoto Shinkai. Japan, 2016. 1h 46m. Japanese/subs.

The lives of two high school teenagers are changed forever when they both wake up one day inhabiting each other’s bodies. The two are compete strangers, but begin communicating with each other and decide to meet up to try and solve the mystery of their magical connection. Makota Shinkai’s beautifully animated and emotionally powerful drama combines mind-blowing sci-fi with a playful body-swap romance.

Dir. Satoshi Kon. Japan, 2001. 1h 23m. Japanese/subs.
A documentary filmmaker tracks down a legendary former actress who mysteriously vanished from the limelight at the height of her career. Now in her old age, she recounts her incredible life story for the camera. Acclaimed director Satoshi Kon (Perfect Blue) brilliantly blurs memory and fantasy in this epic adventure of fate and the magic of film.

One ticket grants you admission to both screenings. Tickets cost £20 with a ‘Pay Less’ option of £15 (for those whose budget can’t currently stretch to pay standard prices) and a ‘Pay More’ option of £25 (for those who can afford to pay a little more). There are no ads or trailers before each screening. Seating is unallocated. We have scheduled a 30min break between both films.

Tickets for the whole weekend can be purchased by clicking here.

Sorry - you missed it!

We showed Your Name / Millennium Actress between May 27, 2023 and May 27, 2023.

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What else is on?

Today (Saturday 15th June)


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 18
1h 23m
Back on the big screen for the film's 50th anniversary, Tobe Hooper's gritty and transgressive folk-horror slasher movie set out in the American sticks. Who will survive, and what will be left of them?

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The Beast 15
2h 27m | French w/ English subtitles
As a woman (Léa Seydoux) undergoes a procedure to rid her DNA of all feelings, she crosses paths with a man from her past lives. An ambitious dystopian sci-fi from acclaimed French filmmaker Bertrand Bonello.

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Tomorrow (Sunday 16th June)


Army of Shadows 12A
2h 25m | French w/ English subtitles
A group of French resistance fighters battle against the Nazis in German-controlled Marseilles as well as suspicion amongst their own ranks in Jean-Pierre Melville's gripping wartime thriller.

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Slow 15
1h 48m | Lithuanian w/ English subtitles
A dancer and a sign language interpreter redefine what intimacy means for their relationship when one of them reveals that they are asexual in this award-winning Lithuanian drama.

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There's Still Tomorrow 15
1h 58m | Italian w/ English subtitles
The arrival of a mysterious letter inspires a housewife to stand up to her husband and imagine a better future for her family in this sweeping, record-breaking Italian melodrama.

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