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You Will Die at Twenty Rated 12A

You Will Die at Twenty

Dir. Amjad Abu Alala. Sudan, 2019. 1h 42m. Arabic/subs. Starring Mustafa Shehata, Islam Mubarak, Bonna Khalid, Mahmoud Maysara Elsaraj, Talal Afifi.

A young man growing up in a small Sudanese village is haunted by a holy man’s prediction that he will die when he turns twenty. Dubbed ‘the son of death’ and bullied by local children, he finds himself torn between a desire to live and accepting his fate. Amjad Abu Alala’s striking coming-of-age debut’s won the Lion of the Future Award at 2019’s Venice Film Festival and is Sudan’s first-ever submission to the Oscars.

'The film is a parable about the dangers of blind faith in religion and authority, but it’s also warmly compassionate and accepting of human nature.’ ★★★★ Cath Clarke, The Guardian

‘Spirited and philosophical…Its quiet profundity strikes you hours, days after viewing.’ ★★★★ David Jenkins, Little White Lies

Saturday 11 December: 20:45
Thursday 16 December: 18:30 (Socially Distanced)
Saturday 18 December: 16:15