The Fabelmans12A

Directed by Steven Spielberg | USA | 2022 | 2h 31m | Starring Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, Gabriel LaBelle, Judd Hirsch, Seth Rogen

After a formative trip to the cinema, a young boy growing up in 1950s America dreams of becoming filmmaker, much to the delight of his supportive mother. Armed with his 8mm camera, he begins making movies at home all while also having to face the breakdown of his parents’ marriage. Inspired by his own upbringing, Steven Spielberg’s highly personal coming-of-age drama is a heartfelt exploration of the power of cinema. Nominated for five Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay.


‘It’s Spielberg’s most personal film, one that gorgeously revives the memories of his childhood and youth with a lavish sense of wistfulness and an aptly Hollywood-ized, fable-like touch.’
Tomris Laffly, The Playlist

‘In two-and-a-half hours, a decade of Spielberg’s own life flies by. An autopsy of a marriage and a homage to invention, it’s a bittersweet piece of joy.’
Alex Godfrey, Empire Magazine

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We showed The Fabelmans between February 17, 2023 and March 2, 2023.

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Today (Monday 17th June)


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2h 25m | French w/ English subtitles
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Tomorrow (Tuesday 18th June)


The Beast 15
2h 27m | French w/ English subtitles
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