29 April – 1 July 2022

The Ultimate Picture Palace needs you!

As Oxford’s oldest and only independent cinema, the UPP is a much loved landmark of our city. Now – more than ever – we need your help to keep the cinema open and keep it independent.

The Ultimate Picture Palace is up for sale and we invite you to purchase community shares and invest in our exciting plan to become a community-owned cinema.

On Friday 29th April, we launched an offer to raise £312,575 in Community Benefit Society shares and ensure that the UPP continues to be a thriving part of our vibrant and diverse community.

Our share offer will raise money to:

  • purchase the business for the community – ensuring that the cinema stays open, remains independent, and belongs to the community
  • make improvements to the building and the way the business is run to ensure it is welcoming and accessible to everyone
  • ensure the business has the money not only to survive but to thrive for many years to come

You and your fellow film lovers have the opportunity to become a part-owner of your local independent cinema and share in the future of a business owned by the community and run for the community.


Buying shares

Community shares can be purchased via Ethex, a not-for-profit organisation which hosts investment opportunities from community organisations.

  • Community shares cost £1 each, with a minimum buy-in of 50 shares (£50) to become a shareholder.
  • We are pleased to offer a discounted minimum buy-in of 30 shares (£30) if you’re aged 16-29 or have an OX1, OX3, and OX4 postcode.
  • Shareholders will become co-owners of the Ultimate Picture Palace Community Cinema and will be able to vote at shareholder meetings.

We have designed our share offer so that as many people as possible can invest by offering a low buy-in structure alongside discounted rates. However, to reach our target we know we will need a significant amount of Shareholders investing at a higher level. So, if your circumstances allow and after you have read the risks around investing carefully, please consider investing beyond the minimum level if that is right for you.

To purchase shares, you will need to register on the Ethex platform and take a short approval quiz about the risks of investing. We’ve created a handy how-to guide to help you do this – click here to download.


Registering and purchasing shares takes between 15 and 20 minutes. If you require assistance registering on Ethex or purchasing shares on their platform, please do not hesitate to contact Ethex directly via phone (01865 403304) or email (help@ethex.org.uk) and they will respond to any queries within three days.

If you have any questions about the share offer, please feel free to contact the Community Benefit Society committee directly via email (uppcc.ox4@gmail.com) or phone (07873 596846).