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The UPP is planning to become a community-owned business. It’s a unique opportunity – and we need your help to make it happen.

We want local people to buy shares in the UPP. We’ll soon be launching a share offer, which you can take part in. If we can get enough people to contribute enough money, the community can own the cinema and keep it working for the community for the future.

Why are you doing this?

We’re doing this because:
    • it’s what the previous owner, Becky, was planning before she died
    • it’s a great idea, for the business and for the community
    • it will mean we can keep the cinema’s uniqueness, independence and local focus, which could all be lost under any other form of ownership.

Do these businesses work?

There are more than 7,000 community-run businesses in England, and the sector is growing in spite of pressures on public funding, significant changes in policy and slower economic growth. 94% of community businesses survive in the long term, compared to 46% for other small businesses.

How will the share offer work?

Our analysis and valuations show we need to raise £250,000 to buy the business and pay associated costs. You can buy two types of share:

    • Investment shares – interest-bearing, withdrawable shares. These are for investors who would like to earn interest on their investment eventually and to have the option of withdrawing their investment in the future.

    • Donation shares – non-interest bearing shares that are not withdrawable. These shares are aimed at investors who consider theirs to be a donation and do not require to recoup their investment, nor are they concerned about earning interest on their shares.

We will ask you to buy a minimum number of shares, provisionally between two and five - so to invest between £100 and £250. We’ll go as low as we can as long as we can raise the full amount we need. The maximum will be £100,000: the legal maximum for individual investment in this sort of offer.

The offer will be hosted by Ethex, a locally based group who are experts in the area. On their website, you’ll be able to buy your shares safely and easily.

What will I get as a shareholder?

    • Involvement You’ll be a member of our Community Benefit Society which we’ve formed to make this whole thing possible. A CBS is an enterprise run by the community, for the benefit of the community, with an elected committee to manage the business. You can stand for election, come to forums and be kept in touch with what’s going on.

    • A vote It’s democratic, with a ‘one member, one vote’ principle – so however many shares you have, you get one vote at official meetings. You’ll have a say in the bigger decisions we make.

    • If you buy investment shares, a return on your money depending on how well the business does.

    • A great feeling because you’ll be helping us to hold onto everything that’s so good about the UPP and to help it thrive for the future.

How can I find out more?

You’ll also find links to more information on this page as we post it, including our Business Plan and Share Prospectus, which we hope to have ready soon. If you have any questions about this project, please do not hesitate to email us at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)