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Léon Morin, Priest Rated 12A

Léon Morin, Priest

Dir. Jean-Pierre Melville. France, 1961. 1h 55m. French/subs. Starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Emmanuelle Riva, Irène Tunc, Monique Hennessy.

In Nazi-occupied France, a devoted priest finds himself drawn to a young, sexually frustrated widow whose relationship with God has entirely diminished. Jean-Paul Belmondo delivers an astutely sensual performance as a hot-under-the-collar man of the cloth in Jean-Pierre Melville’s triumph of atmosphere and suggestion.

‘Miraculous cinema, even for heretics.’ Geoff Andrew, Time Out

‘A poetic, spiritual film exploring with elegance and simplicity the great human dilemmas in the context of one of 20th Century's France's greatest challenges - the Occupation.’ Film4

Sunday 17 October: 15:00
Monday 18 October: 18:15
Tuesday 19 October: 20:30