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Halloween Suggestions from our Staff & Volunteers

Posted: Fri 30 Oct

Halloween Suggestions from our Staff & Volunteers

Turn the lights off. Lock the doors. Stop looking at that creepy shadow in the corner. As it's Halloween, now is the perfect time to freak ourselves out by watching our favourite horror films. We asked our team of staff and volunteers what horror films they love and which ones they’ll be watching this weekend.

"I love the usual horror staples - monsters and ghosts and things that generally go bump in the night, but what really chills me is the stuff that burrows down into your brain and takes root there - usually not even classed as "Horror" at all! I'm thinking THREADS, a nuclear apocalypse drama meets BBC's Newsnight, the Scorsese remake of CAPE FEAR with De Niro playing the ultimate unstoppable bogeyman, or 127 HOURS - a film that inverts the usual tropes of relating horror to dark, and claustrophobic spaces.” Ash Verjee, Duty Manager

“Over the next few days, I’m keen to watch IT 2 and THE EXORCIST. I haven't seen the first one yet and only saw the latter a really long time ago. Might rewatch HALLOWEEN. I'd also be quite curious to see SCREAM again to see how it's aged!”Manu Hilary, Volunteer

“My favourite horror films from the past few years have all been from different ends of the horror-spectrum but really pack a punch! From the cheesy, jump-scare ridden, splatter and gore-fest that is THE DESCENT about a group of women who go caving, get lost underground and discover that they are sharing the cave system with a set of blood-thirsty predators. To CREEP (2014) the psychological-thiller and found-footage masterpiece about the dangers of answering ads on Craigslist. And then there’s Jodorowsky’s disturbing and nightmarish, SANTA SANGRE (1989), set in Mexico about Fenix a young boy who grows up in the circus, a psychedelic coming of age story. With added knife-throwing.”Micaela Tuckwell, General Manager

“I would recommend Ari Aster films – HEREDITARY and MIDSOMMAR. I’m a big fan despite the gore and unsettling subject matter. For a horror director, he makes pretty beautiful films!” Hattie Speed, Volunteer

“I've been underway for a few weeks now, revisiting some of my stalwart faves - Universal and RKO horror classics (esp the Frankensteins and Cat Peoples), John Carpenter (in particular THE FOG and the original HALLOWEEN), the 80s WOMAN IN BLACK and BBC ghost films like SCHALKEN THE PAINTER, WHISTLE AND I’LL COME TO YOU and A WARNING TO THE CURIOUS.  As we reach the high point of Halloween, I plan to re-visit GHOSTWATCH for the first time since its original broadcast in the 90s, and delve into some folk horror frights with PENDA’S FEN, LOST HEARTS and THE ASH TREE.” Andrew Hogan, Duty Manager

“I dislike Halloween and am too much of a wuss for scary films but I’m going to honour the occasion by hitting the cheesy 90s horror-light classics hard by watching PRACTICAL MAGIC, THE CRAFT and the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER movie (oh hell yes!)” Clare Stimpson, Volunteer

“I very much get my horror kicks from the supernatural. I don’t believe in ghosts, but on-screen spectres sure do give me the heebie-jeebies. I’m enjoying the Kiyoshi Kurosawa films on the BFI Player and am keen to re-visit PULSE, which I reckon has the scariest representations of ghostly apparitions depicted on film. The whole atmosphere of that film just reeks of dread. I’ve never seen Herzog’s version of NOSFERATU and I love the original, so very much looking forward to watching that. The UPP will be showing Carl Theodor Dreyer’s VAMPYR this weekend too, which I’ve never seen on the big screen. I can't wait to immerse myself in that deeply eerie classic.” Tom Jowett, Programming and Events Manager

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