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Time Trial Rated 18

Time Trial

Dir. Finlay Pretsell. UK, 2017. 1h 21m. Starring David Millar, Thomas Dekker.

An exhilarating insight into the world of professional cycling through the eyes of David Millar, the only British rider to have won all of the Tour de France jerseys. Millar narrates this documentary about his final season in the saddle, discussing the intricate relationships of cyclists, crew, fans, and the media circus surrounding his final appearance at the Tour de France.

'A rage against the fading light' Richard Williams, The Guardian

'Time Trial finds [Millar] facing a self-imposed cut-off point, giving himself just 18 more months in which to go out in a blaze of glory. But, as this immersive and surprisingly intimate film shows, life had other plans.' Damon Wise, Variety