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Three Identical Strangers Rated 12A

Three Identical Strangers

Dir. Tim Wardle. UK/USA, 2018. 1h 37m. Starring Edward Galland, David Kellman, Robert Shafran, Silvi Alzetta-Reali, Ron Guttman, Evan LeRose, Adrian Lichter.

An astonishing documentary about three men who discover, at the age of 19, that they were identical triplets, separated at birth and adopted to different parents. The trio’s reunion in 1980 catapulted them to fame but also set in motion a chain of events that unearthed an extraordinary and disturbing secret that went far beyond their own lives.

‘It never loses sight of the three scarred subjects at the core of the tale, and of the sense of profound injustice inflicted on blameless children. Unmissable.’ ★★★★★ Kevin Maher, The Times

‘It is as gripping as a first-contact sci-fi.’ ★★★★ Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian