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The Farthest Rated PG

The Farthest

Dir. Emer Reynolds. Ireland, 2017. 2h 1m. Starring Frank Drake, Carolyn Porco, John Casani, Lawrence Krauss, Timothy Ferris, Edward Stone.

A fascinating documentary about NASA's 1977 launch of space probes Voyager I and II, sent to photograph remote planets and bear messages from Earth to whoever might be out there listening.

Followed by a special Science Oxford Q&A with Prof Chris Lintott, Professor of Astrophysics in the Department of Physics at the University of Oxford.

'One of the deeply admirable things about this film, in addition to the beauty of its imagery, its sprightly rhythm and its witty soundtrack, is that the science isn’t too dumbed down.' ★★★★ Leslie Felperin, The Guardian

'Reynolds’ film conveys a legitimate, stirring sense of awe about mankind’s innate desire for adventure, discovery and communion with all that surrounds it.' Nick Schager, Variety