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Sorry We Missed You Rated 15

Sorry We Missed You

Dir. Ken Loach. UK, 2019. 1h 41m. Starring Kris Hitchen, Debbie Honeywood, Rhys Stone, Katie Proctor, Mark Birch, Ross Brewster.

Hoping that self-employment can solve their financial woes, a cash-strapped UK delivery driver and his wife struggling to raise a family end up trapped in the vicious circle of modern-day labour exploitation. Britain’s gig economy receives an unflinching critique in this powerfully empathetic drama from legendary director Ken Loach and writer Paul Laverty (I, Daniel Blake). 

‘It’s fierce, open and angry, unironised and unadorned, about a vital contemporary issue whose implications you somehow don’t hear on the news.’ ★★★★★ Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

‘Late in his career, Loach retains the ability to make heart-wrenching and very topical dramas that expose the grimmer aspects of contemporary British society.’ ★★★★★ Geoffrey Macnab, The Independent