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Saint Frances Rated 15

Saint Frances

Dir. Alex Thompson. USA, 2019. 1h 41m. Starring Kelly O'Sullivan, Charin Alvarez, Braden Crothers, William Drain.

Despite pressures from her parents and peers, flailing thirty-something Bridget doesn’t know what she wants from life. She finally catches a break when she’s offered a nannying job, but an unwanted pregnancy causes unexpected complications. Writer Kelly O’Sullivan stars in this fresh, funny, and bittersweet drama about contemporary womanhood.

‘A vibrant and emotionally engaging tale that dresses its subversive self-determination manifesto in the clothes of a ditzy, bittersweet comedy about midlife disappointment’ ★★★★★ Mark Kermode, The Observer

‘Fresh, funny and frank, Saint Frances is a welcome shake-up of tired genre clichés; a messy, uplifting story about a woman who may not have everything figured out, but is fully in charge of her own fate.’ ★★★★ Nikki Baughan, Empire Magazine