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Miss Sloane Rated 15

Miss Sloane

Dir John Madden. USA, 2016. 2h 12m. Starring Jessica Chastain, Mark Strong, Michael Stuhlbarg, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Christine Baranski, Alison Pill.

A formidable Washington lobbyist goes head-to-head against a powerful gun lobby in an attempt to pass gun control legislation. John Madden’s slick political thriller features an absorbing lead performance by Jessica Chastain.

’Lots is entertaining, not least the voracious Jessica Chastain as a she-shark coolly gliding her way through these murky waters.’ ★★★★ Tim Robey, The Telegraph

'The real pleasure of the film comes from Chastain's wonderfully acerbic and uninhibited performance’ ★★★★ Geoffrey Macnab, The Independent