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Machines Rated 12A


Dir. Rahul Jain. India, 2016. 1h 11m. Hindi/subs.

Mesmerising documentary which provides a glimpse into the heavily guarded world of Indian sweatshops. The film shows the shameful working conditions as well as the huge divide between rich and poor through interviews with the workers and the owner.

’The film's gliding, forward-moving form proves a chilling juxtaposition with the stasis of the workers and their stagnant socioeconomic status.’ ★★★★★ Simran Hans, The Guardian

'Rahul Jain finds colourful sights, and he composes his images like a latter-day Degas. Even though this approach has a kind of beauty, viewers can't fail to see how hellish conditions are.’ ★★★★ Edward Porter, The Times