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Jacquot de Nantes Rated PG

Jacquot de Nantes

Dir. Agnes Varda. France, 1991. 2h. French/subs. Starring Philippe Maron, Laurent Monnier, Edourad Joubeaud, Brigitte De Villepoix, Daniel Dublet, Clement Delaroche.

The story of a child and his obsession with pursuing his dream to become a filmmaker, from buying his first camera and shooting his first amateur film. Varda's emotional tribute to the career of prestigious French director and her late partner, Jacques Demy.

'Jacquot de Nantes is the sort of film that no one but Miss Varda would have made or, for that matter, could have made. It's neither documentary nor, in the usual sense, fiction.’ Vincent Canby, The New York Times

‘Extremely evocative, and vivaciously played by a cast of unknowns, this is a curious hybrid: part essay, part nostalgic reconstruction’ Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out

Sunday 30 September: 16:00
Monday 1 October: 18:30