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Gunda Rated PG


Dir. Viktor Kosakovskiy. Norway, 2021. 1h 33m.

Shot in gorgeous black-and-white, this wordless documentary of life on a farm takes us into the daily lives of a mother pig, a one-legged chicken, and a herd of cattle. The film’s breathtakingly intimate camerawork provides a profound exploration of life from an animals' perspective. Described by Paul Thomas Anderson as “pure cinema”, this award-winning documentary is an absorbing meditation on animal consciousness and the role humanity plays in it.

‘As it unfurls its immersive audiovisual tapestry it hovers between non-fiction observation and lyrical insight, and to that end feels like an advancement of the nature documentary form.’ ★★★★★ Eric Kohn, IndieWire

‘The message comes through loud and painfully clear, no dubbed voices required.’ ★★★★ A.A. Dowd, The AV Club

Saturday 19 June: 16:15
Sunday 20 June: 20:30
Tuesday 22 June: 18:15