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A United Kingdom Rated 12A

A United Kingdom

Dir. Amma Asante. UK, 2016. 1h 51m. Starring David Oyelowo, Rosamund Pike, Jack Davenport, Tom Felton, Laura Charmichael.

A London girl and the Prince of Botswana are faced with family tensions and national scandal in this stirring story of interracial romance in post-war Britain and Africa.

Rosamund Pike and David Oyelowo deliver stunning performances in this moving film based on a true story.

‘What now seems an almost unbelievable story of racism and heroism plays out in the capable hands of Amma Asante, centred like a rock on the strength of the couple’s passion’. ★★★★★ Kate Muir, The Times

‘Having cut her teeth as an actor, the director draws terrific performances from her cast, who dance nimbly around some rather on-the-nose dialogue.’ ★★★★ Mark Kermode, The Observer